Wei Wu Ying was originally a swampland used as an infantry base for the Japanese army during Japanese colonial period. After World War II, the Nationalist Government kept it for military purposes and established a military training center and logistics unit there. Because of long-term military control, the compound was surrounded by towering walls that in turn protected the woods and the interior environment from damage. During a military meeting in 1979, it was decided that Wei Wu Ying would no longer be used for military purposes. Its subsequent transformation also came under the spotlight of social movements.


In 1992, preparations were made to establish the Wei Wu Ying Metropolitan Park. In 2007, the “Wei Wu Ying Metropolitan Park Development Project” was approved by the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior as per the Executive Yuan’s instructions (total budget NT$750 million). Between 2008 and 2009, budget was allocated to the Kaohsiung City Government for development and construction. In terms of overall planning, the park area also incorporates the National Kaohsiung Performing Arts Center, thereby spearheading the trend of designing metropolitan parks with cultural and artistic elements.


The opening of the Wei Wu Ying Metropolitan Park offers the following community benefits: leisure, cultural and environmental education, social interaction, flora and fauna appreciation, cultural exhibitions and performances, green consultation center, and bicycle/exercise activities. In addition, the park also serves to regulate the ecological functions of the urban area, enhance environmental landscape resources, and improve the quality of the local environment.

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